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Have a Safe and Sober New Year’s Eve

  December 31, 2014   No comments

As National Impaired Driving Prevention Month comes to an end, we should not forget the importance of driving sober. Tonight of all nights, you should be aware of how drugs

Celebs We Lost Due to Drugs or Alcohol in 2014

  December 30, 2014   No comments

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 41,000 people die of an overdose each year. These people are husbands, wives, daughters, brothers, friends, or even celebrities. When

Secondhand Drinking

  December 29, 2014   No comments

It is a common fact that secondhand smoking causes health problems for thousands of people. A person’s use of cigarettes around their family member or friends causes problems for those

Making a Change

  December 26, 2014   No comments

Blog post by: Alumni Relations Specialist For many people, the biggest step toward recovery is deciding to make a change. When I was in early recovery, I was told that

Keep Your E-Cigarette Fluid Locked Away

  December 23, 2014   No comments

The popularity of e-cigarettes continues to rise. Many people are turning to these in an attempt to quit smoking. E-cigarettes are small, battery powered devices that turn a liquid into

NJ Physician Involved in Drug Ring

  December 22, 2014   No comments

A month-long drug ring investigation ended last week with six arrests, including a physician. The Middletown Township Police Department and investigators from the state Division of Consumer Affairs and the

Does Education Affect Drug Use?

  December 19, 2014   No comments

Does graduating high school, going to college, or abstaining from further education affect your risk of becoming addicted to a certain drug? Studies show that this could be the case.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Contribute to Addiction

  December 18, 2014   No comments

According to a study done by researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital, those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury¬† or a concussion are more likely to use drugs. For

Enabling vs. Helping an Addict

  December 17, 2014   1 Comment

There is a very big difference between enabling and helping an addict, yet often these terms are confused. Enabling an addict is doing things for them that continues their addiction,

Christmas Break From Recovery

  December 16, 2014   No comments

Blog Post by: Alumni Relations Specialist For many people in recovery, this can be a particularly challenging time of year. It can also be a time where one could easily