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Study Shows Number of Positive Pre-Employment Drug Tests Increasing

  October 31, 2014   No comments

Results from a recent study done by Quest Diagnostics reveal that the amount of employees testing positive for drugs has increased for the first time in a decade. The rate

California Pharmacists to Dispense Overdose Reversal Drug

  October 30, 2014   No comments

A few weeks ago, a number of towns in New Jersey began training paramedics on how to use the opioid overdose reversal drug called Naloxone (Narcan). Once they were trained, they

NJ Attorney General Joins Fight Against Drug Abuse

  October 29, 2014   No comments

New Jersey State Attorney General John J. Hoffman is joining Governor Chris Christie on New Jersey’s fight against drug abuse. Hoffman believes attacking doctors and pharmacists for prescribing or filling

Beware of Drug Laced Halloween Candy

  October 28, 2014   No comments

As legal marijuana dispensaries are becoming more prevalent in the United States, police and parents are becoming more concerned that trick or treaters will end up with drug laced Halloween

Hong Kong Restaurant Drugs Customers

  October 27, 2014   No comments

A restaurant in Honk Kong is under investigation after customers tested positive for opiates. One customer had eaten at the restaurant one afternoon and then was pulled over by authorities

Former Drug Addict and BMX Racer Warns Children of Drug Addiction

  October 24, 2014   No comments

Tony Hoffman has gone down many roads in his life. One lead him to become a professional BMX racer, while the other lead him to a world of drug addiction.

Colleges Aim to Reduce Binge Drinking

  October 23, 2014   No comments

Drinking alcohol has become a big part of the social scene in college. Around 57 percent of college students admit to socially drinking at least once a week and 37

Smoke Free Homes Become More Popular

  October 22, 2014   No comments

Forty years ago, an average of forty two percent of the popular smoked tobacco. Many of these smokers lit up while inside their homes. This put their families or roommates

“Safe Drinking” Campaign Creators Upset with Alcohol Advertisements

  October 21, 2014   No comments

Alcohol advertisements are very common during sport broadcasts, especially throughout football games. Often alcoholic beverage companies will sponsor football teams and their logos will appear numerous times throughout the game.

Pharmacy Students Trained to Spot Drug Addiction

  October 20, 2014   No comments

Many colleges and universities are implementing a program for pharmacy students to teach them how to recognize drug addiction. When a patient goes to the doctor for an injury and