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N.J. Assembly Committee Passes Important Bills
30 September

The New Jersey Assembly committee has passed a bill defining addiction as a mental illness. The bill was drafted by

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Long-Term Drug Use Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
29 September

According to a study published by the British Medical Journal, long-term prescription drug use can increase your risk of developing

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Return Your Drugs
26 September

About 70 percent of people gain access to drugs for the first time through family and friends’ medicine cabinets. Often

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Teenage Marijuana Use has Negative Consequences
25 September

Marijuana is a frequent drug of choice among teenagers. Teens look at this drug as ‘harmless’ even though it can

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Camden County Creates Addiction Awareness Task Force
24 September

The Camden County Freeholder Board recently created and appointed members to its Addiction Awareness Task Force. The task force will

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Loving an Addict
22 September

Having a loved one who is an addict is difficult. It may be your son, daughter, parent or significant other

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Addiction is a Genetic Issue: Robert Downey Jr and Son
18 September

Robert Downey Jr battled addiction his whole life, spiraling out of control when he became famous. He faced his addiction

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Drug Addiction is a Subtle Journey
17 September

For many addicts, becoming addicted to a drug is accidental. It could begin with taking painkillers for a chronic pain

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States With Legal Medical Marijuana have Fewer Opioid-Related Deaths
16 September

JAMA Internal Medicine recently published a study on the correlation between the legal use of medical marijuana and opioid-related deaths.

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Recovery – There’s an App for That
15 September

There is a social networking site for everything you can imagine. These sites are often used to post about your

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