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Peaches Geldof’s Relapse Caused Her Death

  July 23, 2014   No comments

Peaches Geldof, a well known 25-year-old English journalist, television star and model was found dead in her home on April 7th. For the past two and half years, Peaches had

“Hello Kitty” Heroin in Ocean County

  July 21, 2014   No comments

A man was found dead in a Stafford home recently after apparently ingesting heroin. This prompted the Ocean County authorities to issue a warning about a deadly batch of the

Tennessee Law Targets Pregnant Women Who Abuse Drugs

  July 18, 2014   No comments

Tennessee passed a controversial state law, the first of its kind in the United States that targets pregnant women who use illegal drugs while pregnant. Under this new law, a

‘True Blood’ Star Talks Addiction

  July 17, 2014   No comments

Chris Bauer who stars in the hit series, ‘True Blood’ opens up about his decade long struggle with alcohol and substance abuse. In a recent magazine interview, Bauer says he

New Jersey Working Toward Opening a Public “Recovery High School”

  July 16, 2014   No comments

Members of the state government are working to pass a bill that would create a pilot program to establish the first public “recover high school” for teens with substance abuse

Gloucester Township to have Substance Abuse Counselor in Courtrooms

  July 15, 2014   No comments

Recently, the Gloucester Township Police Department announced that a licensed drug and alcohol counselor will be present in their courtrooms moving forward. The counselor will serve as an advocate and


  July 10, 2014   No comments

Recently in a meeting someone shared, “pain is the threshold of spiritual growth”. Somehow this gave comfort, knowing that when we are struggling physically, emotionally or spiritually, it is a

The Four Agreements

  July 7, 2014   No comments

The Four Agreements are: 1. Be impeccable with your word 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best. Here are four principals to live

Gov. Christies’ War on Drugs

  July 3, 2014   No comments

Gov. Christie recently visited a drug treatment center and said there is simply no more important issue to me in my heart than combating drug addiction and abuse. The issue

Actor’s Son Battles Drug Addiction

  July 2, 2014   No comments

Robert Downey Jr’s son, Indio Downey was arrested on Sunday on drug possession charges. In a statement released by Downey’s representative, he said that there is a lot of family