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Heroin Use Growing in the Pocono Region

  May 30, 2014   No comments

Whether it is a minor looking for their first high or an adult seeking pain relief, the number of people using prescription drugs is increasing. Although once hooked, it can

The Power of Positive Thinking

  May 29, 2014   No comments

Each day we all make choices. We choose what to have for breakfast, what outfit to wear and which route to take to work or school. We also choose to

Pharmaceutical Companies Accused of Painkiller Deception

  May 28, 2014   No comments

Two California counties have filed a lawsuit accusing five drug companies of waging a campaign of deception to boost sales of painkillers. Orange and Santa Clara counties filed the suit

“Those whose approval you seek most give you the least.” -Maurice Chevalier

  May 25, 2014   No comments

There are many of us in recovery and life in general constantly seeking other people’s approval and always worrying, asking yourself if you are being judged. The need for approval

Listening Can Help

  May 24, 2014   No comments

Many people who know someone battling drug or alcohol addiction may think, “ there is nothing I can do to help them.” You may feel lost because you want them

The Importance of Meetings

  May 23, 2014   No comments

Many people just starting out in the early stages of recovery may think, “why do I have to attend” these stupid meetings? Many are pessimistic that attending meeting will actually

Relapse and Addiction

  May 19, 2014   No comments

Many people who suffer from addiction have a fear of relapsing. They finally found the courage to seek help and they may successfully adhere to the treatment guidelines and begin

A Loved One and Addiction

  May 16, 2014   No comments

When you find out a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may feel scared, upset or even angry. At first you may be in shock or denial

Christie Speaks About Prescription Drug Abuse

  May 14, 2014   No comments

Recently, Gov. Christie attended the funeral of a close friend who died as a result of being addicted to prescription pain medication. After describing how deeply this affected him, he

Pleading the fifth or taking the fifth

  May 12, 2014   No comments

Coming into this program of recovery, they tell us if we do “the work” the promises of a new freedom and a new happiness will come true for us. What