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To Thine Own Self Be True

  March 31, 2014   No comments

Having recently attended the annual AA convention, one of the speaker’s theme was focused on the three great legacies; unity, service and recovery. The Unity Declaration reads: “This we owe

The Clock Strikes Sober!

  March 28, 2014   No comments

Today is a new day and a great day to be sober! Every day that we get through without picking up a drink or drug it is a BIG DEAL

Prep School for Heroin

  March 27, 2014   No comments

A. Thomas McLellan, CEO and co-founder of the Treatment Research Institute explains that prescription drug abuse is now recognized as national epidemic and that is the prep school for heroin

Former All- American Athlete Turns Addict

  March 26, 2014   No comments

Claire grew up in an affluent community, attended an elite boarding school and was an All-American high school athlete. Winning varsity letters in three sports along with a college scholarship,

Oprah Explores How Teens Are Being Tricked Into Using Heroin

  March 25, 2014   No comments

In the premiere episode of “Oprah Prime”, she explores the impact of heroin addiction on teens and young adults. She sheds the light on a startling trend in which teens

Sober Living Home to Open in Washington Township, NJ

  March 24, 2014   No comments

Father John Stabeno has seen first-hand the devastating impact addiction has on families and their dire need for help. Father Stabeno is working to create Pope Francis House of Hope

Why do so many of us sign out of rehab?

  March 21, 2014   No comments

Addicts and alcoholics are creatures of habit and it takes an awful lot of pain for us to call into a rehab and ask for help. If we are calling

New York Seeks $15 Million for Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

  March 20, 2014   No comments

New York officials are trying to crack down on the growing prescription drug abuse problem and are seeking $15 million to go toward drug treatment programs to help those in

Prescription Drug Abuse Growing in PA

  March 19, 2014   No comments

Members of the Pennsylvania medical community are concerned over the growing number of residents abusing prescription drugs. Doctors are urging legislators to take the lead to help safeguard and optimize

Houston Astro’s Jon Singleton Opens Up About Addiction

  March 18, 2014   No comments

For the first time, Jon Singleton opens up about his battle with marijuana addiction. In a recent article he told the Associated Press, “I know I enjoy smoking weed, I