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Overdose in Pennsylvania Spikes

  February 28, 2014   No comments

Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in Pennsylvania, and legislators and law enforcement officials are scrambling to address the rapidly growing problem. Addiction to prescription pills mainly to narcotic painkillers

Senior Substance Abuse

  February 27, 2014   No comments

Most of us know that substance abuse knows no boundaries, and it is a growing concern among the senior population. In recent studies conducted by the National Institute of Alcohol

We Admitted

  February 26, 2014   No comments

The first step in recovery is “we admitted we were powerless over our addiction and our lives had become unmanageable”. The first 2 words here are “we admitted”, and I

Urged to Speak Up

  February 25, 2014   No comments

A new study finds that 38 million Americans drink too much but only one in six has ever actually talked about it with a medical professional. The study from the

Damaging DNA

  February 24, 2014   No comments

Signs of DNA damage are showing through alcohol consumption. An experiment called the comet test was conducted to see whether the participants’ DNA was also affected by alcohol consumption. This

Christie’s Non-Violent Drug Offenders Plan

  February 21, 2014   No comments

Governor Christie’s goal is clear, he wants to keep violent criminals behind bars and provide low-level, non-violent criminals with drug treatment instead of incarceration. In a recent statement his goal

Heroin Task Force

  February 20, 2014   No comments

La Crosse County’s heroin task force developed a list of immediate goals to combat the alarming increase in the use of heroin. The panel both city and county leaders assembled

Falling off the Wagon

  February 19, 2014   No comments

Country music star Trace Adkins has checked him into a rehabilitation center after falling off the sobriety wagon. After 10 years of sobriety Trace has admitted to having a relapse,

Under-age and Over-dosed

  February 18, 2014   No comments

It’s sad to report a story that has been released stating three teens at a High School overdosed on prescription drugs in the middle of the school day, and then

Heroin Sky Rocketing

  February 14, 2014   No comments

It seems that heroin abuse is getting more attention these days. It’s suspected that the demand for the drug is coming from people who are addicted to prescription pain pills.