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Perfectly Legal New Addictive Drug

  December 13, 2013   No comments

Do we really need another addictive substance on the market to make money off of people who are already battling with addiction? A new drug known as Kratom is being

XY Zone

  December 12, 2013   No comments

Chad Smalls once an addict himself is now using his experience to reach out and help high school boys who are in danger of heading down the same path he

Meth-idemic in Michigan

  December 11, 2013   No comments

How does drain cleaner, lithium, hydrochloric acid and a concoction of other dangerous products sound to you? These ingredients are being harnessed to produce the drug methamphetamine that has taken

Increase in Infants being born Dependent on Drugs

  December 10, 2013   No comments

A harsh reality has been seen at the Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare facility, with an increase of more babies being born dependent on drugs. For this hospital they are contemplating

Zohydro a New Addiction Pill on the Rise

  December 9, 2013   No comments

Just recently Addiction experts have been protesting a new and powerful opioid painkiller that was passed last month by the Food and Drug Administration. Many people believe this drug is

Destroying our Youth

  December 6, 2013   No comments

It’s become an all too familiar issue in Andover, teens suffering from addiction. Whether they obtained the medication through a sports injury or curiosity lead them to mom and dad’s

A Lifelong Debate on THC being Addictive

  December 5, 2013   No comments

Many people may dismiss the idea of marijuana addiction being real, but experts are saying it is very possible. For any addiction there are key characteristics such as the inability

Drug Abuse & Shoplifting

  December 4, 2013   No comments

There seems to be a large increase in shoplifting that is taking over Westmoreland County. It is being said that 25% of the county’s 5,000 criminal cases per year involve

Never Too Late for a Second Chance

  December 3, 2013   No comments

Imagine being 19 years old and being drafted into a war you weren’t particularly comfortable fighting in. For many young men this was their reality in the late 1960’s, for

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

  December 2, 2013   No comments

There’s an old saying, “Money cannot buy happiness.” This proves true for many celebrities who become famous. Lady Gaga recently stated, “I’ve been addicted to various things since I was