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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over

  December 31, 2013   No comments

Somerset County will begin their annual crackdown on drunken driving during the holiday season. In many towns throughout Somerset County police officers have already stepped up their undercover efforts to

Recovery is an Inside Job

  December 31, 2013   No comments

In any 12 step program you attend it’s likely that you will hear over and over again, that recovery is an inside job. The first time we heard it, we

The Promises

  December 27, 2013   No comments

The first time I read the promises, I listened in disbelief and with only a small sliver of hope. As an active alcoholic, the promise for my life went a

Hawaii Hopes for Good Samaritan Bill

  December 26, 2013   No comments

In Hawaii, drug overdose has become more deadly than drowning, car crashes or pedestrian fatalities. As the number of fatalities caused by drugs rise, Hawaii makes an effort to prevent

New Rules for Opiate Prescriptions

  December 23, 2013   No comments

Starting on December 15th, a new law has been set in place for physicians and patients that are considered to be the standard for good medical practice. Indiana Legislature passed

Cocaine Risk Report

  December 20, 2013   No comments

When an individual begins abusing a drug such as cocaine they don’t start out by asking the health risks and drug dealers are not going to volunteer their information regarding

7 Reasons to Enroll in a Drug Rehab Immediately

  December 19, 2013   No comments

Many treatment facilities are encouraging families to enroll their loved ones struggling with addiction into a long term residential drug rehab facility immediately. There are 7 very strong reasons why

Looking for Answers

  December 18, 2013   No comments

Last Wednesday night, more than 200 people came together in Andover, MA. Parents were looking for answers, teenagers were looking for understanding and police were looking for help. There was

Binge Drinking- Unfortunate Holiday Tradition

  December 17, 2013   No comments

Want to know the best present you can give to your family? You can save them a trip to the emergency room or local jail. Holiday binge drinking can cause

Molly, no longer a Sweet Irish Girl Name

  December 16, 2013   No comments

For some they have already heard of this “designer drug” but no one is completely 100% aware of its dangers. Molly is a designer drug that is taking over party