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When You Get That Dreaded Knock on the Door

  November 27, 2013   No comments

“Knock Knock Knock,” It’s that sinking feeling of waking up in the middle of the night to have a police officer tell you that your child has overdosed. This is

Misconception in Connecticut

  November 26, 2013   No comments

There’s a certain mentality going around that prescription medications are less lethal than a drug you would purchase on a street corner. The fact that the drug was from a

New Crisis Line

  November 25, 2013   No comments

Washington Parish residents have access to assistance during times of crisis, and the number is 2-1-1. The call center is manned by paid counselors, volunteer counselors and interns. It is

Drug Use in Iowa Is on the Rise

  November 22, 2013   No comments

The use of marijuana and more potent methamphetamine is on the rise in Iowa. The report by the Office of Drug Control Policy shows 26.7 percent of Iowans who sought

Actors Anonymous

  November 21, 2013   No comments

In his debut novel Actors Anonymous, actor/filmmaker/scholar James Franco has chosen to write a self help book. A 12-step series of chapters — made up of stories and poems, anecdotes

Local School Hosts Drug Summit

  November 20, 2013   No comments

One community held a Drug Summit where they discussed that education, prevention, acknowledging the issue, showing leadership across the board is how to address and stop the drug problem. The

“I Know, I Know, I Know”

  November 19, 2013   No comments

It’s been said that the addict’s national anthem is “I Know, I Know, I Know.” Another common response you might hear from addicts in early recovery is “I know what

Women and the Bottle

  November 18, 2013   No comments

To many it seems like unlike men, who tend to abuse alcohol in social settings, women “uncork the bottle at home alone” and self-medicate their anxiety and depression. An analysis

Is Sugar a Drug

  November 15, 2013   No comments

Some studies claim to find that junk food is as addictive as drugs, but experts say that what actually determines how addictive something is, and whether an individual becomes addicted,

Drug-use epidemic

  November 14, 2013   No comments

Fayette County Drug and Alcohol Commission Inc. shed light on the epidemic plaguing the community when it presented Prescription Drug Abuse: The Cost of Getting High at Connellsville Area Senior