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Taking a Softer Stand on Drug Crimes

  August 30, 2013   No comments

A proposal last week by the United States Attorney General pertaining to drug offenses could have ripple effects locally. Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder called for the Justice

Jail Doesn’t Stop Addiction

  August 29, 2013   No comments

Recovering addicts and those who have lost loved ones to heroin say Carroll County is doomed unless sweeping changes in behaviors and cultures occur. Carroll County jail used to have

Doctor Shopping on the Rise

  August 28, 2013   No comments

One of every 50 prescriptions for addictive prescription painkillers in the United States is filled for those “shopping for doctors.” A new study revealed that drug abusers cheat the system

Parents to Be Drug Tested When Children Die in Their Care

  August 27, 2013   No comments

A special interest group is urging that the state pass a law that would require parents to take drug or alcohol tests if a child dies in their care. A

WWE Superstar Still Sober

  August 26, 2013   No comments

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was one of the most talented talkers in wrestling history. A more-than-adequate grappler, Roberts made up for what he lacked in flash and physique with a

Drug Testing for Expecting Mothers

  August 23, 2013   No comments

The Greater Cincinnati Hospital Council reports the number of drug dependent babies being born in the region tripled from 2009 through 2012. The figure was 11 per 1,000 births in

Ways to Dramatically Cut Overdoses

  August 22, 2013   No comments

In Saint Louis, a recovering addict believes we can dramatically cut the number of heroin deaths, just by getting people to call 911. He believes we need a new law

Helping Babies Born Addicted

  August 21, 2013   No comments

America’s prescription drug abuse epidemic has caused a spike in the number of addicted mothers and newborns experiencing withdrawal symptoms and delivering in maternity wards across the country. While there

Foster Kids Worth Saving

  August 20, 2013   No comments

A man In Minnesota said, “Give him your troubled and your troublemakers, the ones on the fast track to no good. The ones with drug problems and rap sheets. The

Nosespray Reverses Overdose

  August 19, 2013   No comments

In Massachusetts alone, more than 500 people die every year from accidental opioid overdoses. Three quarters of them from painkillers, according to the latest Massachusetts Department of Health data, from