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Scripps Researcher Institute Wants Heroin Vaccine

  May 16, 2013   No comments

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have been working on a vaccine that would inoculate people against substances they put into their bodies. The vaccine would work under the same

Columbia Hopes Pot Will Cure Harder Drug Addicts

  May 15, 2013   No comments

Marijuana has been accused of being a gateway drug to other substances, but in Columbia, people are thinking that it might also lead people away from hard drugs. In Columbia,

In Utah Drug Court People are Overcoming Addiction

  May 14, 2013   No comments

Millions of people visit websites featuring victims of drug addiction, showing the dangers of substance abuse. But there are some drug addicts whose photos show a more positive picture. In

Lindsay Lohan Says, “Addiction is a Disease”

  May 13, 2013   No comments

Everyone by now has heard about Lindsay Lohan and her wild and dangerous behavior. She has been in and out of rehabs and jail for years and in a recent

Addiction Treatment Therapy By Eileen Robbins, Specialty Therapist, Seabrook West

  May 10, 2013   No comments

One never knows what results doing an internet search might have! Upon doing a search on EMDR and addiction, up popped a training opportunity which interested me. The conference was

Brigham Young University Looks to Stop Drug Abuse

  May 9, 2013   No comments

Brigham Young University (BYU) is aware that prescription pain medicine abuse is a growing problem on their campus, and have developed a device they hope will help prevent abuse. Mechanical

New Drug Trend in New Jersey

  May 8, 2013   No comments

Everyone seems to be aware that heroin is in almost every community. Heroin is seen as the rapid growing and cheaper alternative to prescription drugs. Police are not noticing that

Breathalyzer Test Detects Drugs

  May 7, 2013   No comments

In Swedan, a new breathalyzer test has been created. This new test will be able to detect drugs along with alcohol. The test will detect 12 different controlled substances, such

Real life Trauma By Josh Wilburn, Therapist at Seabrook West

  May 6, 2013   No comments

An odd thing happened a couple of weeks ago that got me thinking. I was sitting at work towards the end of the day when I heard the horrible news

Admitting it is the First Step

  May 3, 2013   No comments

When most addicts and alcoholics admit they have a problem and actually surrender to a 12 step program they have a mindset where as “my recovery will be easy sailing