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Being Open to Treatment

  May 31, 2013   No comments

“There is one thing more than anything else that will defeat us in our recovery; this is an attitude of indifference or intolerance toward spiritual principles, three of these that

Children Who Drink Are More Likely to Become Alcoholics

  May 30, 2013   No comments

New research shows that boys and girls that have their first drink during puberty are at greater risk for developing alcohol problems. Most research on the risks of early-onset alcohol

School Teacher fired after Drug Charge

  May 29, 2013   No comments

A Florida School Board has fired an Elementary School teacher, who was charged with possessing cocaine and drug paraphernalia on campus. The teacher has pleaded not guilty. The Sheriff’s Office

Toddlers Test Positive for Meth, Pot and Cocaine

  May 28, 2013   No comments

In South Carolina, three adults are facing charges after they were found in a drug filled apartment with four children, all younger than 4. Deputies said they were called after

Recovery Movie Premiere in Philadelphia

  May 24, 2013   No comments

Seabrook is proud to join the Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, Inc. and PRO-ACT in sponsoring the local presentation of the film, The Anonymous People. The Anonymous People is a documentary

New Alumni Speaking Opportunities

  May 23, 2013   No comments

In recovery we find hope and promise, knowing that we can only keep what we have by giving it away. S.H.A.R.E. Alumni Services offers new speaking opportunities for alumni to

Lindsay Lohan Struggles in Treatment

  May 22, 2013   No comments

Addiction has it hands wrapped firmly on the “Mean Girls” actress. With multiple trips to rehab, some even court ordered, Lohan is once again showing signs that she is not

Law to Require Treatment Facilities to be Licensed Advances

  May 21, 2013   No comments

Accusations over not having licensed medical staff and procedures have thrust one “treatment facility” into the national spotlight. In response to the issues Oklahoma is hoping a new law known

Overdose Reversal Drug Push

  May 20, 2013   No comments

Ohio recently shared the data that 1,154 Ohio residents died in 2011 from an unintentional drug overdose from heroin or prescription painkillers. They also report that at least 13 people

Matthew Perry Received Award for Addiction Advocacy

  May 17, 2013   No comments

Friends Star, Matthew Perry recently received a Champion of Recovery award from the Obama Administration’s Office of National Drug Control Policy. The actor was honored not only for his outspoken