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National Drug Take-Back

  April 30, 2013   No comments

Police departments in New England will take part in a nationwide drug take-back day initiated by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. This is one way the police will help fight

National Drug Policy Reform

  April 29, 2013   No comments

President Barack Obama has a new plan to fight the war on drugs. He feels that the to win the battle we need to have a greater emphasis on using

Your First 12 Step Meeting

  April 26, 2013   No comments

Going to your first 12 step meeting can be a very scary thing for an addict or alcoholic seeking recovery. By nature, addicts and alcoholics are isolative and the very

Stigma Keeps Many from Treatment

  April 25, 2013   No comments

Prescription drug abuse is a disease that can affect people of all walks of life, yet many people do not seek help because of the stigma that surrounds it. It

Drug Deaths Spark Task for Pennsylvania County

  April 24, 2013   No comments

In Westmoreland County, PA the 78 drug-overdose deaths reported last year do not have any connection with each other. This epidemic is happening in trailer parks and million dollar mansions.

Obamacare Could Help Addicts in Indiana

  April 23, 2013   No comments

States are assessing the complexity and the cost of the federal health care law. Many legislatures have a dilemma of trying to decide on expanding Medicaid or the state’s own

Improv Comedy to Educate Kids on the Dangers of Drugs

  April 22, 2013   No comments

Warren Area High School alumnus Brent Scarpo recently brought his anti-drug message to his alma mater on a less than typical way. His presentation, Last Call, is an interactive, theatrical

Try to Identify and Not Compare

  April 19, 2013   No comments

At one of our first meetings, a predecessor may have said to us “try to identify and not compare”. That being said, the disease still tried to convince us we

In Wisconsin the Number of Babies Born Addicted to Drug Still Rises

  April 18, 2013   No comments

There is a growing drug problem in Northeast Wisconsin, but now there is another scary trend on the increasing number of mothers giving birth to babies addicted to drugs. This

Wisconsin Cracks Down on Binge Drinking

  April 17, 2013   No comments

While Wisconsin’s economy, job growth efforts, education funding and issues with health care tend to take center stage in debates over the state’s key problems, one issue is costing the