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Heroin addiction is a National epidemic

  March 15, 2013   No comments

Heroin addiction has become a national epidemic. Heroin is second to only alcohol in Illinois where people seek treatment for addiction. Police report that there is confusion with young people

Police on the Front Lines of Addiction

  March 14, 2013   No comments

Police see first hand the devastation heroin wreaks in a person’s life. Police everywhere can share stories of the turmoil addiction causes. In Lower Fredrick a police officer shares a

Meth use is down, but heroin use is up

  March 13, 2013   No comments

In Missouri the report that meth use has gone down should be good news, but it is not because a new study shows heroin and opiates use are on the

Cirque du Soleil Star and Former Addict Says Don’t Fear Surgery

  March 12, 2013   No comments

Most people are worried about surgery but for someone in recovery, the idea can be downright terrifying. A Cirque du Soleil contortionist has been struggling with shoulder pain for a

Lindsay Lohan Doesn’t Need Rehab?

  March 11, 2013   No comments

Troubles star Lindsay Lohan is once again creating after her attorney insists she doesn’t need drug rehab.  Who can forget the multiple stinks in treatment, the various appearance in court

Teen Mom 2 Star Back In Rehab

  March 8, 2013   No comments

The 21-year-old reality star, Jennelle Evans has again entered a drug rehab facility. For years the MTV mom has been struggling with an addiction to marijuana.  Episodes have followed the

Teen Writer for School Paper Shares About Teen Drug Abuse

  March 7, 2013   No comments

Sora Lee a high school student posed the question, are children getting worse or is society pushing them into the bad decisions. The Center for Prevention and Counseling reported that

Parents with Continued Relapse could Lose Children

  March 6, 2013   No comments

A House Bill up for consideration in Guntersville, would have parents lose the custody of their children in the case of failing to remain sober after two attempts at treatment

Green Day Singer Talks About Rehab

  March 5, 2013   No comments

Everyone one remembers the breakdown by Green Day singer, Billie Joe Armstrong during his band’s performance at the I heart Radio Festival. How could we forget his rants about everything

AA Helps with Youth’s Addiction Recovery

  March 4, 2013   No comments

Case Western Reserve did a survey study and determined that young people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol tend to improve the possibility of recovery by helping other. In