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Police Investigation Leads to Cocaine Bust
29 March

In West Virginia where drug abuse is running ramped, police have made a major bust.  A recent multicounty law enforcement

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Overdose Can Do More Than Just Kill You
28 March

A quadriplegic is now unable to speak due to a prescription drug overdose. In 2005 he overdosed on OxyContin at

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Drug Court Embraces Treatment
27 March

In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, there is a Drug Court Program that was established in April 2006 and is an innovative

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Teen Mom 2 Star Leave Rehab
26 March

MTV Reality TV Star on the Show Teen Mom 2, Janelle Evans has checked herself out of rehab after only

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Traffic Stop Yields Major Drug Bust
25 March

Police in Idaho reported a traffic stop led to the seizure of 52 pounds of methamphetamine and 27 pounds of

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Alcohol is More Dangerous
22 March

Alcohol plays a powerful role in our cultural and research has proven that it is more dangerous and destructive than

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Cocaine is Not Just a City Problem
21 March

Nine men have pleaded guilty in federal court in the past three years to dealing at least 5 kilograms in

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Babysitter Murders Infant During Heroin Withdrawal
20 March

A Babysitter in Norristown suffocated an infant to death while suffering from the effects of heroin withdrawal. The babysitter is

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Legislation to Address Addicted Children
19 March

Tennessee Health officials and law enforcement are at odds over proposed legislation regarding children born addicted to prescription drugs. The

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Drinking Young Creates Heavy Drinkers
18 March

A study out of St. Louis has found that people that drink before they are more likely to turn out

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