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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery, The Seabrook Way

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The Seabrook Way Seabrook has a plan for our drug and alcohol addiction patients for their first year. Our first step is always detox, a comprehensive and customized detox plan

Real Recovery: Community, Recovery, Preventing Relapse

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Addiction is a disease, so it is only natural to want to get better, to truly recover from it’s effects. At Seabrook,¬†we can help you do just that. We a

Therapy for All, The Seabrook Way

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A Therapy for Everyone Therapy is a very crucial piece to your recovery at Seabrook. With a comprehensive and flexible approach we offer a number of therapy options that cover

Why Seabrook is the Best Rehab Center for You

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Why Seabrook is the Best Rehab Center Seabrook is a CARF accredited rehab facility and one of your best options for rehab. With a commitment to our patients unique needs

Recreational Services

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Recreational services What does recreation have to do with recovery? Well, it actually plays a role in your journey to a sober life. Seabrook understands this and offers its recreation

What rehab should be like

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What rehab should be like What should a rehab facility be like? Well, it should have the support and care that all of its patients deserve. It should be accredited

The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

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Danger of prescription drugs Prescription drugs, when used responsibly, can be very helpful to people. They help with a variety of health conditions, but when abused, they can cause serious

Withdrawal vs. Addiction Treatment

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Withdrawal vs. Addiction Treatment When the use of some drugs are reduced or stopped, some symptoms can occur. This is known as withdrawal. Depending on the type of drug, the

Why Accreditation is Important for your Rehab Center.

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Why Accreditation Matters Accreditation is key to finding the right rehab treatment facility. When the treatment facility is properly licensed and accredited, it is a good sign. It means that

Location and Accessibility is Key for Picking the right Rehab Center

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Location is Key Location, location, location. Location really does matter when making the decision of where to go for rehab. Being accessible is very important for a rehab facility in